It’s summer!

Which means styling your hair or keeping it calm because of the heat can be a huge problem. The good news is there’s an amazing solution in what’s called a keratin treatment. If you have dry, unruly, frizzy hair that consists of mostly fly-aways and is a challenge to style on any regular random day in addition to wanting to cut down your product use and drying time in half then a keratin treatment is just for you. Here are five benefits to having a keratin treatment: (after take a look at our before and after pictures of keratin treatments)
    1. Keratin treatments will cut your styling product and drying time in half. Because your hair is less frizzy and stressed the more it will cooperate.
    1. Your hair is much easier to manage and style due to the fact that you have “less” to deal with when doing so.
    1. Less strokes with the flat iron in your hair means less heat. Because a keratin treatment tames your hair it requires less time flat ironing which means less heat to your hair which is always beneficial.
    1. The look of a keratin treatment is amazing! The amount of shine you receive is easy to achieve and long lasting. 4-6 months (for the full treatment) to be exact.
    1. The feel of a keratin treatment is equally amazing. Some people describe it as feeling like silk. It’s a soft, completely new feeling to your hair that revives and brings it back to life.
“As someone who does keratin treatments all week, I’ve seen people literally become speechless at the results they see and immediately book their next appointment in the next 4/5 months. It’s a treatment I highly recommend to anyone with unmanageable frizzy hair.”

Mauro Savino ~ SBS owner/cosmetologist

At the ripe age of 15, Mario was already assisting and on the fast track to becoming an award-winning hairstylist. Starting out assisting at a family owned hair salon it was extremely obvious that this was going to be a passion of his for life. By the time he was 17 he was already competing and well-established behind the salon chair. Throughout the years Mario has mastered his craft with haircuts and colors, became an educator and even went on to become a celebrity stylist for front singer Stevie nicks and Fleetwood Mac. After many years of learning all of the cosmetology industry has to offer both inside and outside of the salon, Mario is now teaming up with his family to bring you the best that the hair salon industry has to offer.

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